Congratulations to Lisa. She is the winner of the final giveaway in our Jamie Oliver cook-along. 

We have really enjoyed cooking through much of Jamie's Food Revolution. It has challenged our cooking ruts and broadened what we eat for dinner. We love Jamie's jam jar dressings! It has made eating salad so much easier. We know exactly what is in our dressing and it is really yummy. We eat salad a lot more now. We enjoyed his roast recipes, his stew recipes and his fish recipes. There were a few recipes that we felt were not as good as our favorite version, but overall I think this is a "cracking" cookbook. I would highly recommend you get yourself a copy and acquaint yourself with Jamie Oliver. 

We are going to change direction just a bit. I am going to team up with my friend Erin, who has been writing for the Plan to Eat blog for a few weeks now, to work our way through Nourishing Traditions. Stay tuned for our first post coming soon!

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